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Aampe Dictionary

Aampe works differently than other tools. To explain the functionalities, we need to use vocabulary you might not be used to in this context.

What we call itWhat it describes
AudienceA group of users based on filters you set.
AlternatesAnother word for "variations". Alternates are message snippets. They can be mixed and matched by our AI.
ComposerThe Aampe App Interface
ComponentsGive your message snippets a meaning for the AI to learn from. We have six components: Value proposition, Offering, CTA, Greeting, Incentive, and Other.
DatasetsDatasets are lists of data that can be used in messages.
EventsEvents are activities your users perform on your app.
FormulaAnother word for "message group". Mainly used in the tech context.
EditorThe place where you create and schedule your message groups.
FunnelYour events go into a funnel structure, so we know your users' start and endpoints. Our AI will optimize for your goals.
Labels"Labels" tell our model how your different message variants relate to each other.
Message FrequencyWeekly or daily global messaging limits
Message GroupA message group has many message variations.
TagsA way to cluster your messages and easily find them
TriggersTriggers are based on the events a user has performed on your app. They can be used to trigger messages. Triggers limit our model's messaging options.
VariationsVariations are message snippets. They can be mixed and matched by our AI.