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Product Update November 2023

Your labels: Gamified!

Add more variants, earn more stars! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Deeplink box moved to front page

Since it's such a highly-used feature, we're moving the deeplink box to the front page of the Composer (instead of behind the "Deeplinks and Scheduling" tab)

Set your messaging frequency!

Aampe's AI model is trained to not SPAM your users.

Eligible User count added to composer!

Working on a new message and want to know how many people it can reach?


Easy access learning videos

It's easier then ever to get started with Aampe, thanks to short video guides available directly from the Composer app.


Week In Progress widget

Our new "Week In Progress" widget makes it really easy to see how many messages are going out each day and during each time window.


Abandoned Cart CMS values

Whether you're a retail app selling the latest trending fashions or an e-delivery app connecting hungry customers with great restaurants, your CMS system has tons of great content that could be useful in your messages.


Controlled messages

Aampe specializes in automating message assignment and delivery, removing the guess work for CRM teams and making your life easier.


Fix monitoring filters bug

Special thanks to a customer for flagging this bug in our new data explorer: