Push Integration


How does the Aampe push integration process work?

We suggest you go through the quick 5 minute overview of how the Aampe integration works at
Integration Know-How

Select your current push provider:


You did not yet instrument your app with a push provider?

Check out our Android and iOS guides on how to integrate Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) to start sending push notifications


Credentials obtained? Now you can set Aampe up

  1. Login to the Aampe Composer (https://compose.aampe.com/)
  2. Click on System setup > Integration
  3. Active your provider from the list
  4. Input the credentials (e.g. API key) on the screen that opens up


Using any object provider that's not listed?

Shoot us an email to: [email protected]. We will do the necessary so you are able to start using Aampe in no time