Event stream

What events are non-dispensable for Aampe to function?

At minimum, Aampe needs either:

  • Notification received and notification opened events
  • Bottom of funnel events such as add to cart, start checkout or order completed

Either group of events will allow the Aampe personalization engine to optimize your push notifications.

What is the ideal set of events to share with Aampe?

Aampe principally needs funnel events. The most common examples are: item viewed, add to cart, start checkout and order completed events. That being said, every app is unique and your user journey might include more steps. You should include those as well.

Is it absolutely necessary to send notification-specific events such as notification opened?

No. The Aampe algorithm can optimize for funnel events, regardless of whether the user tapped on the notification itself. Having notification-specific events allows to ensure that notifications are actually being delivered and not dropped during transport.

Can I simply share all my events with Aampe?

Of course. Our algorithms preprocess, cleanup and cluster your event data. So definitely feel free to share all the events you collect, and we will take it from there.

Which columns from the event table should we include?

It's easiest to explain with a few examples:

  • For add to cart events, it's useful to add the item reference (SKU), price, currency, and discount - For start checkout and order completed events, it's useful to add the list of items, total price, currency, and discount
  • For page view events, it's useful to include the page name, brand name, game name, or restaurant name where applicable

Is there a schema we need to follow?

No. We want to make your life as simple as people. Our data engineers will take anything you share and transform it into the Aampe data model.