How many messages per week should you send?

All apps face the same conundrum. Send too many messages and you risk losing frustrated users. Send too few and you're leaving valuable user engagement / money on the table.

But what's the right number to shoot for? For some users 2 messages is 2 too many. For others, you can send 4 or 5 messages a week and see improved engagement.

Getting it right for each user

Similar to Timing Personalization, frequency preferences are highly personal. A one size fits all decision regarding "how often to send a user" is not going to maximize your outreach potential.

Instead we track user behavior by monitoring their response to the push notifications we are sending. Over time we're able to build a preference profile for each of your contacts. We can accelerate these learnings by comparing similar users.

When our models schedule messages to each user, we look directly at user preferences and schedule accordingly. You can see this at work on your Monitoring page under Timing & Frequency.


A typical Frequency Tracker for one of our customers

You can see (in green) that the vast majority of customers for the above app receive 1-3 messages per week.

Some customers will receive even more than that if Aampe's models detect that they are responding positively to your content.