When is the best time to send someone a message?

What time you should send a message is a very complicated question. Your users are all very different. Their schedules are very different.

And yet the traditional approach to selecting a send time is to GUESS one time and apply that to all users.

When's dinner?

Here's a classic question that our customers faced before using Aampe: What time should you send a message about ordering dinner?

Intuitively you would think the best time would be just before dinner, right? Maybe 4pm? Or 5pm?

What we've found at Aampe is that this one size fits all approach misses huge opportunities. What about shift workers who work late? Parents who need to make dinner arrangements in the morning?

How Aampe approaches Timing Personalization

What we've learned is that sending a message at the right time is super personal. It can't be done manually.

Instead we track user behavior by monitoring their response to the push notifications we are sending. Over time we're able to build a preference profile for each of your contacts.

When our models schedule messages to each user, we look directly at user preferences and schedule accordingly. You can see this at work on your Monitoring page under Timing & Frequency.


Exact counts are available for each Timing window and can give you a sense of your user's preferences at a global level.

Check out the book

We've learned so much about timing optimization that we wrote a book about it.

Click here to download it for free.