Estimated setup time

15 minutes

Amplitude export API

Aampe will pull data from the amplitude Export API


If your data size exceeds 1GB per hour you can skip this and directly reference Recurring data export


  • Your Amplitude API Key and Secret Key

Getting your API keys:

  1. In your Amplitude workspace, click on Settings at the bottom left of your screen
  1. Select Projects from the navigation bar that opens.
  2. Select the project with the events you would like Aampe to ingest.
  1. Copy your API Key and Secret Key
  1. We will reach out to you to share your API key and secret key in a secured and encrypted manner

Recurring data export


Only needed if your data volume is expected to exceed 1GB per hour. Integrating with Aampe in such case is best done via setting up direct Google Cloud Storage Destination.
Steps are outlined below

Setting up recurring data export

  1. Aampe will provision a Google Cloud bucket for you (in the geographical region of your choice for security) and share a service account JSON key with you
  2. In Amplitude, navigate to Data Destinations.
  3. Select GCS - Raw Events.
  4. On the Getting Started tab, select Export events ingested today and moving forward.
  5. Review the Event table click Next.
  6. In the Google Cloud Credentials For Amplitude section, upload the service account key file
    provided by Aampe.
  7. After the account service key is uploaded, fill out the Google Cloud bucket details in the
    Google Cloud Bucket Details section with the information provided by Aampe.
  8. Click Next. Amplitude will then attempt a test upload to ensure the entered credentials
  9. If the upload is successful, click Finish to activate the data dump.