Estimated setup time

15 mins


  • An API Key for your app group.
  • The Braze dashboard URL that you use (dashboard-01 to 08 or dashboard-01.braze.eu)

Aampe will essentially call the Braze API for sending messages
on your behalf.

Create an API key

  1. Once you are logged in to your Braze dashboard, go to Settings, and then Developer
  2. On this page you will find the Rest API Keys table
  1. Click on + Create New API Key
  2. Choose a name for your new key, such as aampe-push
  3. Tick the checkbox next to messages.send in the permission list
  1. Finalize the key creation.
  2. You can then view the newly created key by clicking on the gear icon at the right
  3. Copy the API key value.
  4. We will reach out to you with the steps to share the credentials in a secured and encrypted way