What message should you send to which user?

One of the most exciting elements of Aampe's personalization infrastructure, Content Personalization provides teams with ability to:

  • talk to each person based on their known interests
  • learn what's working and what's not

The 3 key types of content personalization

Any type of content is personalizable but the 3 most valuable for a content marketing team are the following:

  • Offerings
  • Value Propositions
  • Incentives


Aampe uses Offering labels to learn what your users like, and send messages about the items they’re likely to buy. Labels allow you to teach our model which products are related.

We call this Topic Personalization. You can think of it as a super convenient, automated form of cross selling.


Let's imagine your app offers sporting equipment. What product categories represent the best cross selling opportunity?

A good Offering label might be Soccer, because users who purchase one type of Soccer equipment are likely to be interested in others.

Once our model learns that a user likes cleats labeled as Soccer, it can then cross sell by sending new messages to the same user about Shinguards, Soccer Balls, Soccer Jerseys, Posters, etc


Value Propositions

Different users value your products for different reasons.

Take coffee, for example. For some people, getting the best quality coffee is very important. Others just want something convenient. And still others simply want to find the least expensive coffee.

Value Proposition labels let you tag your content so that we can distinguish between these differences.

Aampe uses Value Proposition labels to send messages based on the values each user cares about, for each of your Offerings.


An example of how customers can organize their Value Propositions

Want to get a sneak peak of the kinds of insights your labels will bring you? Check out this video:


Does your app send discounts to your customers? Free shipping offers? Other incentives?

Incentives are a very powerful tool for bringing users back in to your app. But they also impact your bottom line, so you want to make sure you're optimizing them.


Easily test multiple incentives

Using Incentive labels you can test out different discounts to see which messages are moving the needle for the least money.

For a quick preview of how customers use Incentives, check out this video: