Connected Content

While Aampe's default mode triggers messages to your users by itself, it can also operate in Content via API mode. In this mode, your CRM tool will call Aampe's API asking for message content whenever it needs to message your users.

Using Braze

Aampe-personalized message content via Braze's Connected Content feature.

Usage example

When creating a message in Braze, you will copy/paste a snippet to the one on the right from the
Aampe Composer to the Braze UI. Then, you will use message_content as a Liquid variable in
the construction of the message.

{% connected_content{'{{canvas.${name}'}&contact_id={'{{${user_id}}}'} :basic_auth aampe :save message_content :retry %}

message_content will contain the header & body keys that provide the personalized push notification along with an assignment_id to be propagated as a notification event metadata field
(see requirements below).


  • The unique user identifier passed in the Data integration should match
    Braze's ${user_id}
  • When creating a campaign in the Aampe Composer, the Braze Canvas name should be set in the
    Aampe campaign.
  • An assignment_id is passed in the message_content JSON string and must be propagated all
    the way to notification-related app events.

What this means is that Aampe will expect to receive "notification sent", "delivered" and "opened"
events via your chosen Data integration that contain the assignment_id provided via connected content