Adding variations

One of the unique features of Aampe is the ability to add variation to your messages. It's really simple and it will give you super powers!

Let’s start by diving into that Message Editor screen we looked at last time, but this time, instead of just typing text, we’re going to highlight and tag some parts of it.

Follow along with me and type the following message:


Thanks for downloading the app!


Pop in now and see what we have in stock!

Notice, when you highlight “see what we have in stock”, the icons on the right lit up. Those are "components" that you can choose from.


In this case, “see what we have in stock” is an “Incentive” because it’s sweetening the deal by hinting at additional value contained within the app, so let's click the “Incentive” button.

In the right sidebar you'll see an input "Add an alternate". This is where you can type your variations.

Try adding the following:

  • “find just what you’re looking for”
  • “save 20%”

Congrats! Just like that, you added your first message variations!

Great! Now let’s play with another component!

“Thanks for downloading our app!” is a greeting, so highlight that, click “Greeting” and added a few variants to that too:

  • "Let's do this!"
  • "Let the fun begin!"

So, just like that, we’ve created 9 messages from our single message (3 Greeting alternates x 3 Incentive alternates gives us 9 possible combinations), and these can all be seen in the preview window under the composer:


Prefer to watch and learn? We've got you covered: