Estimated setup time

1 hour


  • An encryption key (.p8 file) and its key ID
  • Your team ID and bundle ID/APNs topic
  • APNs user device tokens


Aampe will essentially establish a Token-based connection to APNs and use that to trigger notifications on your behalf.

Generating key

  1. Login to your Apple developer account.

  2. In Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles, click Keys in the sidebar, then click the add button (+) on the top left.

  3. Under Key Name, enter a unique name for the key.

  4. Select the checkbox next to the services you want to enable, then click Continue.

  5. If the Media Services checkbox is disabled, you need to register a media identifier first.

  6. If you register more than one media identifier, click Configure next to the checkbox.

  7. On the next page, choose the media identifier you want to use from the pop-up menu, then click Continue.

  8. Review the key configuration, then click Confirm.

  9. Click Download to generate and download the key. This is the key you will share with Aampe.

  10. Click Done.

APNs user device tokens

For Aampe to be able to trigger push notifications for your users, it needs to have a device
token for each user. You can share those directly using a daily dump to an S3/GCP bucket

If you are already sharing user properties data with Aampe, the APNs device token for each user can
simply be added as a column to the shared attribute table. See Properties

If you are not sharing attribute data with Aampe then the easiest way to share APNs device
tokens is by setting up a daily job that dumps a file with the tokens to a storage bucket. Aampe
will take care of ingesting those tokens and always taking the latest value for each user in case of token updates.

NameData TypeDescription
contact_idStringA unique user identifier
notification_tokenStringAPNs device token