Controlled Messages

Bypass Aampe's messaging automation when you need to send specific messages at specific times.

Aampe specializes in automating message assignment and delivery, removing the guesswork for CRM teams, and making your life easier.

But sometimes, you really just want to send a message at a specific time to a specific batch of users. We call these "Controlled Messages" as opposed to "Optimized Messages," which are automatically managed by Aampe's models.

Once you've written your message, click on "Deeplinks & Scheduling:"

You'll now see the option to switch from Aampe's automated messaging to a controlled message delivery. Click the "Edit" button.

Select "Send messages to all users and bypass Aampe's user-level timing and frequency optimization".

You'll need to schedule your controlled message by selecting a date and time.

Be sure to hit "Save" when you're done to apply the changes.


30 mins buffer required

Any message sent as a controlled message will need to be scheduled at least 30 minutes in the future. This time window begins from the moment that you click the "Start sending" button and approve the message.

If you need to cancel a controlled message, this can be done until the 30-minute cutoff. If you cancel the message after the 30-minute window has begun, our system will interrupt any message sends that have not yet gone out.


Controlled messages bypass Aampe's learning models

Our models cannot learn timing, frequency or content preferences when sending controlled messages as the models lose the ability to create controlled experiments and measure differences.

We recommend using controlled messags on an "as needed" basis and relying on Aampe optimization for the majoirty of your messaging in order to boost learning and message performance.