How it works

Traditionally personalization is accomplished using extremely manual techniques like segmentation, which involve bucketing your contacts together based on arbitrary data.

Customers migrate to Aampe because:

  • it's too much work for most teams to manage
  • it results in static user groups based on irrelevant data, not actual user preferences

Instead of you guessing who to send what message to, Aampe automates message assignment based on your customer’s interests by tracking their activity in your app.

This saves you valuable data science resources and results in improved click through rates, app activity, and revenue rates.

Aampe's models can automate the following for any app:

✅ Content: Sending messages that are relevant to each person

✅ Product: Recommending products that are relevant to each person

✅ Timing: Optimizing when you send a message to each person

✅ Frequency: Sending messages only to people who want them