Data Models

Description of the format Aampe uses to store data


These tables are provided as a reference to understand the data that we work with. It is not mandatory for you to provide us data in the exact format. We apply transformations as deemed necessary to translate your data streams and ingest into our system.

Events / Transactions / Click-Stream

Following is the data model Aampe uses to store app events.

Column NameData typeDescription
contact_id StringA unique user identifier
timestamp TimestampThe timestamp of when the event happened in UTC
event_name StringAn event name corresponding to the event that was triggered
event_instance_id String
An event identifier
metadata JSON
Any useful data points about the event
For example:
Product ID
Order value
Order Quantity

User Properties

Following is the data model Aampe uses to store properties about users

Column NameData TypeDescription
contact_idStringA unique user identifier
notification_tokenString (Optional)Token of the user that will be used to send out push-messages, if different from contact_id


Ease of use

You can also combine the events data and properties data as one data stream